Saturday, October 13, 2018

YONKERS, NY, Friday, October 7, 2016—With the off site quarantine isolation period completed, the six European trotters shipped to Yonkers raceway where they will stay until Saturday's $1,000,000 Yonkers International Trot.

The trotters were all anxious to get out onto the track and get some exercise after their long trip to New York. Under Federal USDA rules, the horses can only train on the Yonkers oval once all other horses have vacated the track. Each day, the Europeans will have exclusive access to the Yonkers track after 10:15am.

Several different methods were already on display, as Sweden's On Track Piraten jogged on the Yonkers infield grass, Denmark's Tano Bark galloped and trotted under saddle and the others took to more traditional trips.

Europeans Arrive for Yonkers International Trot