Saturday, October 12, 2019


Pastore Bob winning the Finlandia Ajo

Pastore Bob to Yonkers International Trot for Johan Untersteiner

YONKERS, N.Y. - Johan Untersteiner is very interested in coming over to the Yonkers International Trot. If Cyber Lane doesn’t make it, he’d like to bring Pastore Bob, one of the rising stars of Swedish racing.

“Another horse I consider is Pastore Bob, he’s also five years old,” Untersteiner explained. “I’ve only had him in training since the beginning of the season actually. He started out as a normal horse but he’s kept on racing consistently and climbing classes this year. He won the Finlandia Ajo, the biggest race in Finland in May. He has shown that he can compete against and beat the best horses in Sweden several times.”

With both Cyber Lane and Pastor Bob in his stable, Untersteiner is sure to have a strong representative in the million dollar race.

“Pastore Bob is a gelding which makes travelling with him easy,” Untersteiner continued. “He’s very fast behind the gate. He’s actually the speediest horse from start that I’ve ever driven. He actually managed to take the lead in the Elitlopp from post 7. He’s a very good horse. Hopefully we can make it to Yonkers with him, he has what it takes to do a big performance there.

“He’s got a good gait, he will make the turns very easy on a half mile track. He’s a very complete horse. Cyber Lane has a bit more class but Pastore Bob would be the perfect horse for this race and he just keeps on improving,” Untersteiner said.